What is a Central Listing?

If you’ve been directed to this page, it means that due to your location, we will handle your listing as a Central Listing.
In short, this simply means you are located too far away from any available POP representative.
POP Yachts/RV will make every attempt to assign a local representative, if and when one becomes available in your area.
Until such time, the seller understands the following key points of the Central Listing “virtual” sales process.


Without local support, we are not able to shoot our own photos. We ask the Seller to provide us with recent photos reflecting the accurate condition of the boat or RV. We ask you to take as many photos of your boat or RV as possible. Keep in mind, you may send new photos at any time, but we initially ask for 10 photos at the very minimum. The more photos we have, the faster your boat or RV can sell.

Please focus on the main areas. Here is a helpful checklist…

1. Shots from each corner, side, bow, and stern.
2. Hull shots. Through holes, trim tabs, bow thruster, etc.
3. Deck gear, rigging, cleats, anchor locker, and compartments.
4. Interior, salon, galley, head, berths, helm.
5. Engine room or compartment. Control panels.
6. The HIN (hull ID), which is located on the right side of the stern, just below the gunwale.

1. Exterior shots from all four corners, sides, front, and rear.
2. Tires, include the date codes if you can (a small oval with the four-letter date code).
3. Exterior compartments (open). Include exterior features like speakers, lights, cameras, and any exterior kitchen.
4. Generator bay, hour meter.
5. Driver’s seat views, odometer, all switches, and displays.
6. The manufacturer’s label and VIN, either behind the driver’s seat or located on the outside, driver’s side near the front or hitch.
7. Living areas, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms.
8. Inside the fridge, microwave, stove top, and oven.


We have only two requirements when taking photos…

  1. Hold your phone SIDEWAYS for landscape orientation. Preferably in a 16:9 aspect ratio. (see below). Wide mode is also encouraged (.5 zoom)
  2. Do not reduce the size or compress photos before sending.

You may send photos directly by text or by email to your Central Sales rep.


Untitled 4

Landscape orientation – 16:9 aspect ratio suggested.

Untitled 3

Portrait format photos are not useable as they do not fit the listing template.


POP Yachts will rely on the Seller for accurate information regarding the features and equipment included in the sale, as well as the condition and operability of those features. Seller also agrees to notify POP about any material change to the condition or location or if there is a significant change to the usage hours.


The seller understands that POP expects Vessel to be available for showings or inspection at reasonable times with reasonable notice. POP will provide the Seller with as much notice as possible. We understand that not all requests for a showing can be coordinated within short timeframes but we still politely request that Seller do their best to accommodate a showing if it is at all possible.


POP earns its commission through its extensive marketing and advertising and ultimately by qualifying the buyer and completing the transaction to purchase. It is understood by Seller that a discounted commission is not being offered in lieu of local support for photography and showings. If POP completes its job by producing a qualified buyer who purchases your boat or RV, POP expects its full commission.